How To Add Row And Column In Excel


Thinking about how to add row and column in excel? You can learn to do so in this article.

Once you have created a table in Excel, know that you can always add more rows and columns to it without any hassle. These newly added columns and rows would automatically get formatted as per your current usage and format. 

How To Add Row And Column In Excel

Here is how to add rows and columns in Excel swiftly.

Insert a Row or Column Adjacent to the Table

  • Click in a blank cell next to the table.
  • Type a cell value.
  • Click anywhere outside the cell or press the Enter key to add the value.
Click anywhere outside the cell or press the Enter key to add the value.

The new row or column is added to the table and the table formatting is applied.

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Insert a Row or Column within a Table

Select a cell in the table row or column next to where you want to add the row or column.
Insert options aren’t available if you select a column header.

  • Click the Insert list arrow on the Home tab.
  • Select an insert table option.
  • Insert Table Rows Above: Inserts a new row above the select cell.
  • Insert Table Columns to the Left: Inserts a new column to the left of the selected cell.

Add Rows and Columns

Delete Rows and Columns

You can also remove unwanted table rows and columns by deleting them.

  • Select a cell in the row or column you want to delete.
  • Click the Delete list arrow.
  • Select Delete Table Rows or Delete Table Columns.
Add Rows and Columns

Shortcut: Right-click the row or column you want to delete, point to Delete in the menu, and select Table Columns or Table Rows.

The selected row(s) or column(s) and all the data in them are deleted.


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