How To Remove Scroll Lock In Excel


Learn how to remove scroll lock in excel in a simple way. read the article to know more.

Has this ever happened to you that you are working on an Excel sheet and you realize that you are not able to jump from one cell to another? This usually happens because of the scroll lock in Excel.

How To Remove Scroll Lock In Excel

Don’t worry about it as it is easy to correct. Let us know all about scroll Lock and how you can remove it.

What is Scroll Lock in Excel?

The scroll lock is the way one navigates a worksheet in Excel. The arrow keys let one scroll through the sheet without the change in the active cell when the keys are turned on. And when they are turned off, the arrow keys let one move from one cell to another.

Let’s look at an example:

1. Select cell A1.

Select Cell

2. Press ↓ twice.

Change Active Cell

3. Select cell A1 again.

Select Cell

4. Again, press ↓ twice.

Scroll Through Worksheet

Note: press CTRL + Backspace to scroll back to the active cell.

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How to Find out Whether Scroll Lock in Excel is on or off?

Scroll lock in Excel is Turned Off

If the scroll lock is turned off, its status would disappear and the arrow keys begin to function normally. Refer to the picture below for the same.

Excel Scroll Lock 1-4

How to Turn Off the Scroll Lock in Excel?

There are many ways one can turn off scroll lock in Excel and below are a few of the ways. 

Method 1: Using an on-screen keyboard

One must use the virtual keyboard if the Scroll Lock key is not there on the physical keyboard.

The steps, to launch an on-screen keyboard (OSK) and turn off the scroll lock, are listed as follows:

1. Press the keys “Windows+R” together. 

Note: “Windows+R” is the shortcut key to open the “run” box in Windows. 

2. When the “run” dialogue box opens, type the letters “OSK” (without the double quotation marks) in the box to the right of “open.” Click “Ok.”

Scroll Lock Excel Step 2

3. The on-screen keyboard appears, as shown below. Since the scroll lock is currently on, the “ScrLk” key appears in blue.

Press the blue-coloured “ScrLk” key. The key turns black, as shown below. This indicates that the scroll lock has been disabled.

Method 2: Using a physical keyboard

Press the Scroll Lock key on the physical keyboard to turn it off. Once done, the corresponding light of the toggle key turns off.

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